What is Miles Dei?

Miles Dei is a program but it is also a mission.  God gave me a mission to create this program through which I could use my background, training and skill set to reach men of all ages to help them regain their spirit, find clarity and purpose and create warriors for him!

Through this program men learn about honor, integrity and respect which will allow them to gain clarity, identify their true purpose and the most important thing….walking a God inspired path in life!


How does the transformation happen?


In this program we draw the parallels between doing battle in the spiritual realm and the physical one. We do this through physical fitness, combatives, warrior ethos, avoiding addiction and other means of looking into yourself to identify your specific purpose.

Those chosen will commit to a one week camp where lessons and instruction are provided through a 4 phase cycle.


Fear and Balance

Attack and Defend

Stepping Forward

Focus and Control


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