“Miles Dei is a phenomenal group for young men that has made a huge difference in the life of our son! This has been a great way to fuse the connection between mental, physical and spiritual health. Joe and his team lead this group with a passion to improve the lives of young men, to strengthen them and to shape them into young men with a healthy faith, healthy body and healthy mind. This met our son where he was at on his journey. He found himself lacking motivation, doubting Christianity and physically and mentally not challenged. Miles Dei challenged his thinking, his outlook, and his physical abilities. Each week he got stronger, more passionate and we could see he was changing and becoming more confident. Each week he found himself persevering and absorbing more of what they were teaching.”

– Tori Rosel

“In the beginning I was lost, but through Miles Dei I found myself.”  This is a great group to help you connect to God, have fun and hang out with guys that are looking for more. More from themselves, and more from a relationship with God! The defense tactics taught in this group equip you to protect yourself against the dangers that could exist and the certain dangers that Satan presents. Fearless connects all of the elements taught and helps you understand no matter how much you screw up, God is always there! If you want to reach new heights in your spiritual, mental, and physical health, join us and you can become the next group of warriors through Miles Dei! “

– Alec Rosel



A message from a former Miles Dei graduate

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